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Sectors of Activities & Customers



Customers and Activity Sphere


Experience Summary:

Engineering, Economical, Oerational - Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Computerized Control

Research & Developmant, Techno-Economical Surveys, Systems Analysis & Optimization, Consulting, Planning, Supervision and Follow-Up


National & Public

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure
 Israel Wind energy for electricity production (Coordinator and Referee). Private electricity production (initiator). Solar energy for electricity production ,cooling and heating. Energy conservation in buildings, computerized  energy control systems for buildings.
  Ministery of Agriculture / Investment Authority
  Consulting and application aontrol of irigation, fertilization and climate control systems; for the Isaeli Ministry of Agriculture/The Investment Authority.
  Infrastructure Companies
  Energy conservation in buildings for Mekorot - The Israeli Water Company. Energy conservation in buildings, Cogeneration, Wind Energy for IEC -The  Israeli Electrical Company.
  Jerusalem Municipality: Water system enery conservation. Petach Tikva Municipality: Water system energy conservation. Dan Mnicipality Union (includes 14 municipalities in the center of Israel) -  utilization of gas from the regional waste site for energy production (electricity or heat).
  Ministry of Deffense
  Air Force, Communication Force, Construction Center - Energy

Industries and Businesses

High - Tech
 Israel Motorola Communication, Motorola Semiconductor, Intel Jerusalem, Intel Haifa, Tadiran Communication Groupe, Luz, Science central Park - Haifa, Tzuron, Telrad, ECI Telecom.
  Brom Compound, The Brom Plant, Machteshim Plant, The Dead Sea Plant, Nuclear Research Center, Orlight, Rotem Ferrtilization, Agan Chemicals, Gadot Biotechnology, Haifa Chemicales South.
  KAN Paint and curing, Polgat.
  Yachin, Pricuz, Shtrause, Gat, Gala'm, Sha'ar Hanegev Plant, Miluot + Milumor + Miluban Plant, Ganir.
  Kargal, Nia'r Hadera Plant, Supra.
  Delek Investments, Delek Oil Search Company.
  The Dan Bus Cooperative
  Teva Kfar Saba, Teva Plantex Natania.
  Beit Yatir, Kfar Blum, Ma'agan MIche'el, Ma'ale Gilboa, Maanit, Ein Hanatziv, Ein Hashofet, Sdot Yam, Shoval, Hatzerim.
  Medical Centers
  Israel General Health Counsil: Sapir/Me'ir, Geha, Kaplan, Carmel, Levinstain House. Govermental: Shiba. Municipal: Suraski/Ichilov. Public: Hadasa.
  University Campuses
  Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv University, Technion -The Israel Institute of  Technology, Hebrew University.

Activities in USA

 ANCO Engineers Inc., Santa Monica, California (Engineering, Scientific & Economical Consulting Company). 
  During 1979-1980: Energy conservation and control systems in buildings:medical centers, universities campuses, National Campuses. Renewable Energy and Cogeneration.

Technologies Development

Energy and Control Technologies
Israel  Air conditioning in Electra. Jet Propalssion and gas turbines for electricity production in Beit Shemesh Engines. Solar energy for central heating and cooling systems in Tadiran. Rocket Propulsion in Ministry of Defense.

Instruction and Teaching

Israel Lecturer in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineering. Graduates Studies: Thermodynamic, Measurments Theory, Laboratories (1974-1976);  Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Linear Control Systems for Mechanical Engineer (1977)
  Courses for Energy Deputy in Medium & Large Scale Consumers
  Lecturer in  Tel-Aviv University/ The Technological Institute/School of Engineering, The Technion,  Be'er Instructions Institute.
  Air Conditioning Courses
  Mishlav (a professional school).
  Orgenizing and professional guiding of Energy Conferences.