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Qualifications and Registration





Technical Studies

Refrigiration and Air-Conditioning Technician ORT  Technical High School 1961
AirCraft Electrician Israel Air Force Technical School 1962

 Engineering and Scientific Studies
 B.Sc.  Mechnical Engineering: Energy & Power  Technion - Israel  Iinstitute of Technolofy 1969
 D.Sc.  Doctor in Technical Sciences: Energy & Control  Technion - Israel Institute of Technolofy 1975
Specialization in mathematical and computerized quazistatic & dynamic simulation and in optimal control of energatic thermodynamic and aerothermodynamic processes, and application to variable geometry gas turbine engines. 

Technical Courses
Electronic Digital Systems Israel Institue of Industrial Automation 1977
Microproccessor Systems  Israel Institue of Industrial Automation 1977
Industrial Robotics Israel Institue of Industrial Automation 1986
Energy Mennagment Systems Professional Engineering Association, Ca. USA


Construnting of Web Sites Kidum Computers School


WebMaster - Programming & Managing Web Sites 1 to 1 with Yanshuf Computer Schools


Web Developer - Software Development for Web Sites  Ness Collage (Yanshuf)  Computer School


Registration & Memberships
Energy Deputy Israel Ministry of National Infrastructures
Professional Electrician Israel Ministry of Labor
Mechanical Engineer Israel Ninistry of Labor
Member Israel Architects & Engineering Association 
Senior Member ISA - The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society
Member ASHRAE - The  American Society of Heating, Refrigiration and Air-Conditioning Engineers


ISHRAE - The  Israel Society of Heating, Refrigiration and Air-Conditioning Engineers